Chicago Italians At Work


This book offers more than 200 vintage photographs of Italian immigrants and their descendants in Chicago. The book chronicles their contributions through historic photos gathered from local libraries, trade unions and personal scrapbooks.

The author hopes Chicago Italians at Work presents a fair portrait of how immigrants survived and eventually prospered in Chicago.




Chicago's Pilsen Neighborhood


For nearly 150 years, Pilsen has been a “port of entry” for thousands of immigrants. Mexicans, Czechs, Poles, Lithuanians, Croatians, and Germans and other ethnic groups passed through this "Ellis Island" on Chicago's Near Westside. The early generations came searching for work and found plenty of jobs in the lumber mills, breweries, family-run shops and large factories that took root here. The neighborhood is still home to a loyal population.

Many Chicagoans and tourists from outside the city are rediscovering this colorful and historic neighborhood. You can walk the streets too through the pages of this book.


Soul Survivors: Historic Catholic High Schools in Chicago

In an era of dwindling resources and aggressive competition, many Chicago Catholic high schools have been forced to close. But some outstanding schools, with visionary leaders and dedicated teachers, still survive.

This photo history book focuses on several outstanding Catholic high schools that have served Chicago for decades and continue to thrive.

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