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Peter Nicholas Pero is a teacher and author. He has travel experience in Hungary, Argentina, Poland, China, Russia, Brazil, South Korea and Guatemala. These travels inform his writing.

As a teacher, Pero taught for the Chicago Public Schools for many years. Overseas he taught English and social science in Japan and Costa Rica.

Peter Pero resides in Chicago's Little Italy Neighborhood. He has published three books on Chicago history:  Chicago Italians At Work, Chicago's Pilsen Neighborhood and Soul Survivors: Historic Catholic High Schools In Chicago.

When not writing or teaching, Peter enjoys photographing architecture and exploring the city by bicycle.

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Little Italy, Illinois — il Primo

Visit this vibrant community and walk the historic streets of Little Italy with the help of an author who lives in the neighborhood. View the area’s architecture, eateries, merchants, churches plus time for your own exploration. Sample the sights, sounds and smells of this ethnic community. This is a 2 hour tour, plus free time for exploring.

*Tours by appointment


Romantic Little Italy — il Due

Tour Chicago’s Little Italy neighborhood by night. The focus is on dinner and a power point show by local author Peter N. Pero. Finish at a café and sample University Village night life. B.Y.O. or order your own Chianti. Take the canolli’s! This is a 2 hour tour plus free time for exploring

*Tours by appointment

Touring Pilsen: An Ethnic Port Of Entry

This tour focuses on ethnic success and succession. For nearly 150 years, the Pilsen neighborhood has been an “Ellis Island” in the American midwest. Germans, Czechs, Croatians , Lithuanians, Polish and and Mexicans have shaped this dense community in the heart of Chicago. Walk the streets for a guided view of sturdy brick cottages and family-run shops that comprise the core of Pilsen. Take time to photograph the street murals and visit an art studio. An ethnic meal is shared on this adventure. This is a 3 hour tour plus free time for exploring.

*Tours by appointment


The Historic Maxwell Street Market

Visit the old market, now celebrating more than 100 years of operation.  The Old Maxwell Street was a “port of entry” for racial and ethnic groups seeking to make a living by buying and selling nearly everything. This tour is given on Sundays so we can walk the “living market” as it exists today.  You may hear some blues music and other urban legends as we walk the streets.

*Tours by appointment


The Chicago Stockyards

Recall the smells, sounds and grizzly locations of one of America’s historic industrial packing districts.  See the sites wear Armour, Cudahy and Wilson meat packing companies processed “everything but the squeal” for America’s dining room tables.  Photograph the old Swift mansion and visit one of Chicago’s oldest funeral homes.

*Tours by appointment


Historic Pullman, A Company Town Reborn

Tour the old railroad yards and discover tarnished silver tracks under prairie grass.  Visit the clock tower, the rail sleeping car factory, and workers rowhouses. View the executive mansions and elegant Florence Hotel.  Videos and artifacts can be discovered in the Pullman Museum as they highlight American  labor history.

*Tours by appointment


The Loop: Chicago's Big Downtown

Walk Chicago’s center city with an emphasis on the history of architecture.  Photograph lobbies, murals, bridges, and greenroof tops plus take time for a  meal in a skyscraper.  Loop the loop on the noisy and monstrous elevated CTA train to gain a rare look at the City of the Big Shoulders.

*Tours by appointment


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